2/23 RAW Results: Creepy Little Bastard

Brian Lusczki     February 23, 2004

This week Eric Bischoff scheduled a match between Trish & Christian.

Moments before their match, we seen Trish walk into Christian's locker room askin what they we're gonna do. Christian offered to lay down for her to pick up the victory. He then made a remark saying since he would lay down for her, maybe she would lay down for him. Trish then stood in shock at what she just heard but Christian claimed she just pass the 'CLT' meaning the 'Christian Love Test' to see if she would 2-time his best friend Chris Jericho.

As they both made their way to the ring, right away Christian looked to lay down for Trish. When she went to cover him, Christian shoved her off. She would then realize it wasn't gonna be easy and proceeded to leave. When she did, Christian slapped her behind and took her down with a hard clothesline. Christian would make matters worse and locked in the 'Walls of Jericho' enough for her to tap.

Christian was reluctant to let go as officials tried getting him off. When he finally let go, he left the ring with a grin, pleased with his actions.

Trish was then shown being helped to the back in pain. The question now is what kind of condition is Trish in and what price will Christian face next week?

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