4/18 RAW Results: Business & Pleasure?

Brian Lusczki     April 18, 2005

This week, Trish came to the ring wanting to clear the air with Lita and apologize for some of the things she's done to Lita in the past. She took one step further by claiming that she loved Lita.

When asking Lita if she accepted her appology, Lita refused and told her payback's a bitch - queing Kane's pyro as he chased after Trish much last week but this time Trish wouldn't get away so easy. She found herself with Kane's hand wrapped around her throat before out of nowhere, Viscera would come to her aid. Yes, Viscera...

Backstage, Trish thanked him for his services and wanted to move on. However, he wanted a return favor since that was part of their agreement. She explained that it was just strictly business and nothing more. He suggested that she could handle Kane & Lita on her own if she didn't, which she then reluctantly agreed to but wanted to take things slow. Just when we thought it would end, the big man seized the opportunity with a good-night kiss sort to speak.

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