Trish's top 5 managed Superstars     March 6, 2013

Join every Wednesday as we look back at moments in Trish's career leading up to her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6.

5. Val Venis

Trish: I thought we were a pretty good team, until he let the 9th wonder of the world manhandle me.

4. Kurt Angle

Trish: Managing an Olympian was a treat – sometimes he let me wear his medals.

3. Christian

Trish: Who could forget the beginnings of my bad-girl persona – thanks to a heavy influence by Christian.

2. Tyson Tomko

Trish: It was nice having some arm candy – someone who could 'solve problems'.

1. T&A (Test & Albert)

Trish: This was my start! I can't tell you how much I learned at that ring apron!

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