3/29 RAW Results: Jericho Gets The Last Laugh

Brian Lusczki     March 29, 2004

Tonight on Raw, Trish was Chris Jericho's guest on the Highlight Reel. Chris Jericho was told by Bischoff that he could not lay a hand on Trish, so that left Jericho with other alternatives, Chris requested a simple explanation from Trish and called her out.

As she made her way to the ring, she mocked Jericho's entrance. She explained that Chris just wasn't there for her and brought back up last month's match with Christian, asking where he was and stated that a real man would of hopped in the ring with one leg to make sure she was untouched - sacrificing their body for hers.

However, one man was there for her, and obviously that person was Christian. She told Chris that he was only using her. He never cared about her. From there, she went on to say that she was a 3-time Babe of the Year and that he wasn't even in the same league as her. She revealed that her & Christian came up with a plan to humiliate him on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania XX.

After listening to Trish's speech, Jericho gave his. He explained that she was the 'slut of the century' and begin making several remarks about Trish 'blowing, sucking and putting things in her mouth.' Things would then get worser for Trish as Jericho told Trish she was a 'filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding trash bag hoe.' If that wasn't bad enough, he got Cincinnati to say it together forcing Trish to laave the ring.

Backstage, a very upset Trish approached Christan. He told her that he should of been there but he was in Bischoff's office demanding a match with Jericho at Backlash (which he got) and told Trish that Backlash would be Jericho's worst night of his life.

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