4/5 RAW Results: Jericho Screws Trish

Brian Lusczki     April 5, 2004

This week on RAW, Trish & Christian wanted to get a closer look at Jericho's match with Matt Hardy by bringing out a chair on stage as they watched on. After Y2J defeated Matt, Trish & Christian wanted to humiliate Chris with another sadistic kiss.

Later, Chris Jericho returned the favor by coming out during the divas battle royal with Trish & Lita remaining. As Trish went for the Stratusfaction bulldog, Lita shoved Trish to the ropes and Y2J pulled her legs causing her to be eliminated by a drop-kick from Lita.

Backstage, Trish caught up with Christian furious over what had happened but Christian told her to calm down and to forget that match because she can't wrestle twice in one night. He explained that last week, when he said he got the match, it meant it would be Chris Jericho taking on both Christian & Trish in a handicap match. Trish didn't seem thrilled to hear the news and was worried but Christian told her not to be and left for his match.

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