Unforgiven Results

Brian Lusczki     September 12, 2004

Backstage, Christian and Trish Stratus were arguing over whether Tyson Tomko should escort Trish to the ring, since Christian felt he needed the protection more than her. They decided to let Tomko decide, and Trish whispered something in his ear. Tomko decided to go with Trish.

Victoria hit an armdrag and a waistlock into a bridge for a two count at the start. Trish regrouped on the floor, but when she got back in, Victoria hit a series of rights. Trish kneed a charging Victoria and choked her against the middle rope. Trish hit some kicks in the corner, then choked her while sitting on the top rope, breaking before the five count. Victoria hit an open hand slap, and pressed Trish overhead before dropping her with a gutbuster. Victoria kicked at Trish's ribs, and then hit a baseball slide kick that sent Trish to the floor. Victoria went to the top rope, but Tomko moved Trish out of the way before Victoria could dive on her. Victoria went to the floor and sent Trish back into the ring, but Trish hit a back elbow as Victoria was on the apron and rammed Victoria into the top of the ringpost. Trish rolled Victoria back into the ring for a two count. Trish kicked Victoria in the gut, then stomped her in the back. Trish hit a series of right hands and choked her. Trish put Victoria in an armbar, and drove her knee into the side of Victoria's head. Trish then added a legbar, further stretching Victoria. Trish yanked Victoria off the mat by the hair and slammed her down to the mat for two.

Trish applied a sleeperhold, but Victoria got out with a elbow and delivered a series of rights. Victoria bounced off the ropes, but Trish caught her in a spinebuster, then went back to the sleeper. Victoria broke free and hit a series of shoulderblocks in the corner, then a fireman's carry into a side slam for two. Victoria bodyslammed Trish and did the standing moonsault (after shaking her rear end) for two. Trish ducked a punch with a Matrix, but Victoria caught the follow-up kick and headbutted Trish. For some reason, Victoria gave Tyson a pescado. Tyson went down, and got right back up. Victoria ran back into the ring, and Trish hit the Stratusfaction for the win at the eight minute mark. Winner: Trish Stratus.

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