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As we wrapped up 2022, we hinted that the year ahead would be Trish's biggest year ever. And we weren't wrong; what a year it was for Trish and her Stratuspherians around the world!

In February, Trish made a grand comeback to the wrestling world, competing on another WrestleMania stage. To the surprise of WWE Universe, she brought back her heel persona to engage in a 6-month storyline with Becky Lynch, a full circle moment that began in 2018.

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Trish's presence in WWE 2K23 was a usual affair. And for all the 2K fans reading this, we can exclusively reveal that Trish was scanned for the upcoming game and beyond. So rejoice!

Trish also had some firsts in her Hall of Fame career, including a contract signing and competing in Money in the Bank and Steel Cage matches. Many people considered her Match of the Year, and she proved why she is the GOAT.

So what does wrestling's OG bad girl do next? Go on tour, of course! Trish launched the 'Bad Girl Tour' in the fall with much success, with many dates still being added in the new year.

To wrap up the year, Trish collaborated with Canadian company SOXOS to release the 'Trishmas Sox Collection,' a holiday treat for her fans.

What will happen in 2024? Stay tuned. For now, take a look back at this stratusfying year.

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