Trish Stratus FAQs

We have compiled this list of FAQs to help you get to know Trish Stratus better.

1. What is Trish Stratus doing now?

Trish resides with her family in Toronto, Canada, and has offices in the GTA. She is an entrepreneur who runs her businesses by day, and once the school bell rings, she can be found with her children. Trish loves crafting with her kids in her spare time and has a penchant for interior design and decorating, which can often be seen on her Instagram. Trish is devoted to a healthy lifestyle and has dedicated her life to fitness and yoga for over 20 years.

2. Is Trish married?

Trish married her high school sweetheart Ron in 2006 and continues to be happily married.

3. Does Trish have children?

Trish has two children. A son named Maximus Stratus and a daughter named Madison Patricia.

4. Why did Trish leave WWE?

Trish's contract was coming to an end with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). While considering renewal, her mother got diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and she decided not to return full-time. She had a retirement match on September 17, 2006 of which she was victorious and was the only woman to become a 7-time WWE Women's Champion at the time.

5. Who sings Trish's theme song?

Trish's entrance music was recorded by rap star Lil' Kim.

6. Is Trish in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Trish was inducted by Stephanie McMahon into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 during WrestleMania 27 weekend in New York City.

7. Does Trish have social media?

Trish can be found on all major platforms with the handle @trishstratuscom

8. How many magazine covers does Trish have?

Trish has appeared on more than 100 covers, You can see them here.

9. Will Trish come back to the WWE?

Trish officially retired in 2006 and wrestled her final match against Charlotte Flair in 2019 in what was dubbed her 'farewell match.' While she is retired from the ring full-time, she still makes appearances on WWE Programming in various roles.

10. Is Trish in any movies?

Trish has appeared in 3 featured films. Bounty Hunters (2011), Gridlocked (2015), and Christmas in the Rockies (2020).

11. Does Trish have any workout DVDs?

Trish released a line of fitness DVDs which she both produced and starred in. Stratusphere Yoga is her signature workout program she designed that combines strength training moves into a yoga flow. Stratusphere Sculpt is a workout that uses her signature moves and incorporates light equipment to tone and sculpt muscles. Stratusphere Yoga for Men uses Trish's signature program but is modified so men can get the most out of it. Baseball icon Joe Carter joins Trish in this video.

12. Does Trish have her own products?

Trish created a line of yoga and fitness equipment that was released to Canadian retailers in 2011. Her products continue to be sold through her online store and include her signature 'FitGlove', a weighted fitness glove and yoga mats along with an apparel line.

13. How can I get Trish Stratus’ autograph?

Our online store offers a wide range of autographed photos, DVDs and collectibles – all of which can be personalized to you. Stratusphere Shop also provides a send-in service where you may mail-in your own items to be personally autographed. Information can be found here.

14. How can I book Trish Stratus for a personal appearance/autograph signing?

Submit your request via our contact form.

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