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'Christmas in Rockwell' tops Amazon list

TrishStratus.com     December 23, 2022

CHRISTMAS IN ROCKWELL has been one of Amazon's hottest romance movies this holiday season.

Since its release in November, the feel-good film starring Trish Stratus and Stephen Huszar entered and stayed on Amazon's top 10 charts for romance movies.

Fans also jumped on a limited release of DVD copies from Stratusphere Shop that quickly sold out after dropping.

"Thanks to everyone for helping make our cute little Christmas love story a success. I'm happy to play a part in a movie you can watch with the whole family during the most magical time of year."

Stratus stars as Alyssa Strader, a former child actor who returns home to Rockwell after a blockbuster flop. Spending the holidays incognito, Alyssa takes a trip down memory lane with the help of Jake (Huszar), the handsome cinema owner. With Christmas just around the corner, Alyssa must decide if her heart lies in Hollywood or her hometown.

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