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Trish Stratus visits famous Hart House

TrishStratus.com     July 13, 2022

Trish Stratus stopped by the iconic home of the Hart family during a recent trip to Calgary.

The Hart House, better known as the Hart Dungeon, is arguably the most famous home in pro wrestling because of its history and tales. The basement walls witness some of wrestling's most legendary wrestlers train there, including Bret, Owen, Edge, and Christian, just to name a few. Natalya, daughter of the late Jim "The Advil" Neidhart, recalled her memories in this 2019 column.

The dungeon was spotlighted in the first and only WWE match at Fully Loaded 1998 that saw Ken Shamrock take on Owen Hart.

Stratus has traveled to Calgary many times during her WWE career but never had the opportunity to visit the house. However, she made sure to this time around.

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