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Saucy Santana's fandom for Trish Stratus leaves fans buzzing

TrishStratus.com     June 10, 2022

The hip-hop scene hasn't been shy to express its love for the WWE Hall of Famer. Cardi B made it known, and of course, most notably, 'The Queen Bee' Lil' Kim has been singing Trish out to a WWE ring with "Time To Rock & Roll" for nearly two decades.

You can now add Saucy Santana to that list. The two worlds crossed on social media this week, leaving fans buzzing.

The celebrity makeup artist turned TikTok star revealed in a recent interview with Teen Vogue that he was a big fan of Trish Stratus.

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Word of this interview started to spread on Twitter when it caught Trish's attention, who then tweeted out to the "Material Girl" that she was also a fan of his – and led to this exchange:

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