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Announcing Mystery Boxes: Get Trish collectibles, including in-ring worn gear!

TrishStratus.com     March 2, 2020

UPDATE: Mystery Boxes will be delayed until further notice. Please continue to check back for new release date.

We announced a few days ago that there would be an Anniversary Auction for Trish's ring gear from her very first match. Today we are thrilled to add that Stratusphere Shop is launching a Mystery Box program so you too can own piece of Trish-tory!

Starting on March 23, Stratusphere Shop will be offering various mystery boxes that contain in-ring worn gear or accessories along with other memorabilia, including trading cards and magazines containing Trish's workouts, recipes and interviews, not to mention cover worthy photoshoots!

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What are mystery boxes? Mystery boxes are filled with various unnamed items and with our program, gives buyers the chance of receiving authentic in-ring worn items by the WWE Hall of Famer! To acquire a piece of Trish's iconic wardrobe is truly an epic opportunity for a fan or collector.


There are more ways to own a piece of Trish-tory! Between March 5 and TBD, you can be entered into a random draw to win additional in-ring gear or accessories. Simply do one or more of the actions below to accumulate your entries and have your name be entered to win! Get busy on TrishStratus.com starting March 5!

Winners: multiple winners will be chosen at random until TBD.

  • Leaving comments on our articles

  • Retweeting or sharing Trish's social media posts

  • Pre-order 20 Years of Stratusfaction T-Shirt (ORDER HERE)

  • Pre-order Trish & Lita non-autographed 2-pack action figures (ORDER HERE)

*TrishStratus.com reserves the right to make changes without notice. Dates, times and items are subject to change.


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