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Upper Body Blast (do 2-3 rounds)

Trish created this quick and simple circuit to help tone and sculpt your arms, chest, back and abs!


Flamingo Tricep Extensions & Preacher Curls
works: biceps, triceps, balance

1. Flamingo Pose
Shift weight onto one leg, bend knee slightly. Balancing on bent leg, bring the opposite ankle to rest on top of bent knee. Sink lower into the pose, keeping back upright. Bring hands to prayer position (or hold weights as shown right). Hold for 5 breaths.


2. Overhead Tricep Extension

Staying in Flamingo pose, bring weights over head, bend elbows to drop your arms behind your head. Do 10 reps.


3. Preacher Curls
Staying in Flamingo pose, bend at the waist, extend arms over crossed leg, rest elbows against the shins. Beginner option: make fists and curl hands towards shoulders. Advanced option: use FitGloves or Dumbbells (both
shown).Do 10 reps.


4. Push-ups
works: chest, triceps, core, anterior

From plank position, bend elbows and lower your body 3 inches from the ground; keep your back straight and hips aligned. Then straighten your arms. Do 10 reps. Beginner option: knees on the ground.


5. Lats Rows
works: core, back lat

In plank position, keep core engaged and back flat; bring your hand to your waist in a rowing motion. Do 10 reps each side. Beginner option: knees bent, placed on ground. Advanced option: use FitGloves or Dumbbells.


6. Knee to Elbow
works: abs, core

Starting in plank position, engage your core, bring right knee to right elbow and hold for 5 breaths. Repeat on left side. Do 10 reps each side.

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