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Berry Banana Smoothie

Servings: 2
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  • 1 small banana, peeled, cut up, and frozen
  • 1/4 cup fresh or frozen assorted berries (such as raspberries, blackberries, and/or strawberries)
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 3 tbsp vanilla low-fat yogurt
1. In a blender container combine the frozen banana pieces, desired fresh or frozen berries, orange juice, and yogurt.

2. Cover and blend until smooth.

3. To serve, pour into glasses.

4. If desired, garnish with fresh mint and additional berries.

Kitchen tip: Keep frozen bananas on hand by placing peeled, cut-up, ripe bananas in a freezer container or plastic bag. Use the frozen banana pieces right from the freezer for this fruity shake.

By Trish Stratus
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