Jazz recalls working with Trish, their chemistry and more

By Brian Lusczki     March 5, 2011    

Jazz applies the STF on Trish at WrestleMania XIX
Photo: WWE
Trish Stratus is a "cool chick" says former two-time WWE Women's Champion Jazz.

In her first interview in years, Jazz tells Diva Dirt that it was an awesome experience working with Trish during their time in WWE.

"We never had any problems," Jazz said. "She was cool to work with. We had some awesome, awesome chemistry in the ring. The fans loved her and they hated me for bringing the woods to her. It was my job to beat the crap out of her basically."

Jazz was Trish's first major opponent during her reign as Women's Champion. The two would hook up for one of the most intense feuds the women's division had ever seen.

It was so good that TV viewers tuned in to see the two face off rather than the men.

"People really loved our matches," Jazz said. "We had some of the higher ratings than some of the male matches."

You can listen to Jazz discuss her career, today's Divas and more here.

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