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09/20/2006, 06:49 AM

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Off The Record recap

By Brian
Written by Steve Khan

Landsberg asks Trish why she retired. Trish felt it was time after being in the business for 7 years. It was also a contract thing. Landsberg said she could always sign a new one, but Trish said she wanted to stop and smell the roses. Her contract was ending and she was asked if she wants to re-sign for 3-5 years. Trish mentioned Unforgiven being in the middle of September and her wedding coming at the end of the month. It's a change in life.Landsberg asks if Stratus feels she can't handle the married life with the wrestling life ut Trish says that isn't the reason.

Landsberg asks if Trish was burnt out, but she said it was mostly realizing how much was going on around her, like her friends getting married and having kids. Her Mom being ill made her think she wants to stop and enjoy life. She got through the wrestling life style with support from her friends and family.

Landsberg said he didn't see her as a life-timer in wrestling. Trish hadn't thought of it that way, and even the wrestling lifestyle itself came out of no where. He says Trish was there in the beginning because of her physical appeal and Trish laughed "I was hot, you can say it, Michael." He wonders if Stratus if she ever turned down storylines. She said yes, since she wasn't comfortable with a lot of the sex stuff. She trusted Vince and knew he wouldn't steer her wrong.

Landsberg asks if the male wrestlers respected her, and she says yes, and has had a lot of support from the guys over the past few weeks since announcing her retirement. Landsberg wonders if there are a few guys who wouldn't take her seriously, like Randy Orton. Trish says she convinced Orton, and worked hard to convince everyone to take her seriously.

Landsberg asks why she never did Playboy. Stratus says it's not her style and wanted to be known as the greatest women's wrestler ever. She was asked to pose for Playboy in her first 6 months, and every year after that. She's glad people will remember her as 7-time Women's Champion, not a girl who posed for Playboy. She won't consider doing it now. Trish calls her self a tomboy.

Landsberg remembers meeting Trish eight years ago on OTR and recalls her saying she wanted to be in the WWE. He congratulates her on making it this far.

Next Question with Trish Stratus

Landsberg: You were studying biology at York University. Are you smarter than Vince McMahon?
Trish: Yes sir.
Landsberg: (laughs) And that's the way you'll respond to him.

Landsberg: You're fianc� is Italian, how many people will be attending your wedding and how many of those will you know?
Trish: There will be close to 350 and I will know probably about 100.

Landsberg: Who on the WWE roster is coming to your wedding?
Trish: Next question.

Landsberg: Who on the current roster definitely won't be getting an
invitation? Give me one name, of someone you're definitely not
Trish: Uh, Gene Snitsky.

Landsberg: Who was always hitting on you in the locker room?
Trish: No one.
Landsberg: Really?
Trish: Really...I'm just not their type I guess.

Landsberg: Best part of being on the road?
Trish: Getting to see the world.

Landsberg: Worst part about being on the road?
Trish: Getting to see the world but not actually getting to see the world.

Landsberg: Who's the better kisser; Mickie James or Pamela Anderson?
Trish: Hmmm, that's a tough one. Pamela Anderson all the way.

Landsberg: Which male wrestler spent the most time in front of the mirror?
Trish: Randy Orton.

Landsberg: Who was more masculine, Chyna or your fianc�?
Trish: Chyna. 100%. No offence to my fianc�.

Landsberg: There have been countless storylines of guys bursting into your dressing room backstage. Did any of those boys ever see more than you wanted
them to see?
Trish: Um, yeah. Yeah, it happens, but that's part [of being one of]
the boys.

Landsberg: Out of all of those outfits, did you ever have a Janet Jackson
wardrobe malfunction.
Trish: Last night in my very last match, a whole lot of crack.

Landsberg: Is televised wrestling no longer for children?
Trish: Certain segments.

Landsberg: How long does it take you to put on your makeup prior a match?
Trish: About 40 minutes.

Landsberg: What's the funniest thing a fan has ever yelled at you
while you were performing?
Trish: "You're fat."

Landsberg: What's the creepiest thing you've ever heard?
Trish: "Take off your shoes, let's see your toes."

Landsberg: Does the WWE need The Rock back?
Trish: Umm...They don't need him back.

Landsberg: Wrap it up with a Vince McMahon impersonation for me.
Trish: Michael Landsberg, you're fired!

Landsberg congratulates Trish and makes her promise to be a regular guest on Off The Record. Trish thanks him. They show some more clips of Trish wrestling, and finally, Trish kissing Pamela Anderson.


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