Stratus Signing - Newcastle, Australia

By Brian Lusczki     August 4, 2006    

We received the following fan encounters from the Trish & John Cena signing held in Newcastle, Australia:

Estelle sent this..."Today, I met my biggest idol ever Trish Stratus! I waited heaps but finally came my go. I went up to her and we said our hello’s I gave her my slideshow I made and I said “I made this for you” and she goes “oh my god thank you so much”. I then asked her for a pic she said “yeah sure” then I got her to sign my pic of her she asked for my name and I told her she gave me a personal autograph and when I was lining up the man on the microphone said they are not giving any personal autographs and Trish gave me one. I thanked her and I said to her “Trish you are my biggest idol I admire you and look up to you so much” she then held my hands and said “aww thanx” I thanked her again and we said our goodbye’s. After woods I was crying and shaking. Meeting my idol made not only my day, not only my month but so far my year. Trish is so down-to-earth and so kind and special to me. Trish Stratus is beautiful inside and out." Click here for Noula's photo.


Gavin sent this..."My cousin and I both went to meet Trish at Charlestown. She was doing a signing with John Cena, we waited in line for like 3 hours and it was worth it. We were only allowed about 1 min with them. We weren't allow to get pics with them but a few people did, and I noticed Trish has a really sweet voice and seems like nice, friendly person. She signed my DVD of hers that I had, shook her hand, had a little chat and yeah it was a good experience meeting her. I was so happy to meet her." Click here to see Gavin's photos.


Jessica sent this..."Yesterday in Newcastle, Australia I was lucky enough to meet Trish Stratus. Both her and John Cena were doing a signing session to promote the Raw SummerSlam Tour. I had traveled with friends for 4hrs. We had made "Aussie Diva" Shirts (Which Trish later commented on). Anyway 4.5hrs later they finally arrived! When I saw Trish I became pretty much ...hysterical! When it was time for me to go up on stage I was shaking. I first shook her hand and then gave her my Divas Uncovered book to sign, because I was crying Trish asked if I was OK, which I though was very sweet and it showed how much she does care about us fans! Overall it was such as great day!! All the travelling and waiting was definately worth it."

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