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05/10/2006, 01:05 PM

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Fan Encounter From Stratus Signing at 5-Star Comics #2

By Brian
Jonathan sent along his encounter & photos of his memorable first meeting with Trish at RVD's 5-Star Comics this past Sunday:

I got to meet Trish Stratus for the very first time this past weekend. It was a marvelous experience! I waited six years for this and my dream finally came true. Here's my story and some pictures. So as we are standing in line, the people from the store started to come over to the fence and open it. So I thought, she's coming soon! So I called Kristel to tell her where I was and then I looked over to where the stop light was and I saw a white mercedes. There was someone on the driver seat, but then I saw someone tilt there head and look over at where the line was and I saw her! I was like OMG OMG thats her! So then I positioned myself right where she would pass by and sure enough she did. AND SHE WAVED! So they closed the fence after her car got in and she came out and said, "I'm a little late aren't I guys?" But it was only by like two minutes thanks to the dumb stop light. So then she went in the store and they got her set up. Soon the line was moving! Our ticket included one polaroid picture and an 8x10 picture of her signed. Instead of getting a polaroid picture, Ms. Comer asked if she could use her own camera and they said yeah! And instead of me getting an 8x10 I got my poster signed. So then the guy told us we were next after he told us that we could do what we wanted. So I look at Trish and she looks back and I was like OMG. I started walking slowly and I was shaking and I started to cry. And shes like, "Oh my God, sweety come here! Are you ok?" I couldn't even respond! I was lost for words! Then she asked me what my name was and I was able to muster some strength and tell her Jonathan. Then she said, "OK Jonathan, take deep breaths with me. Ready? Ready?" And then we took a few deep breaths and she was still hugging me! And I looked at her and I just gave her this HUGE HUG! Then she said, "OMG you give some of the best hugs!" Then I moved toward the front of her table while i gave her my poster and I was still shaking and crying and she said, "You know what, come here. You need to come chill with me for a few moments! Come here." So I went around to where she was sitting and sat next to her while she was signing my poster! She asked how to spell my name and she asked me if I had waited for a long time for this and I said YES! So on my poster she wrote. Jonathan love Trish Stratus Finally we meet! I still couldn't stop crying and shaking! So she told me to give her injured arm a kiss to make it feel better! So I gave her the kiss, but Ms. Comer was talking to the guy working at the store, so Trish called her over and she said, "Mom, Mom, come take a picture of him kissing my arm!" So I gave her another kiss and Ms. Comer took the picture! I then gave Trish my sister's note and the letter I wrote for her because I knew I wouldn't be able to tell her much! Then the guy said, ok we have to move the line. But Ms. Comer wanted to take a picture with me, Trish, and her. But the guy said no, but Trish told him to take it! I said my goodbye, and Trish said, "It was nice meeting you Jonathan!" I experienced so much joy while I was with her! It is unexplainable! It was a feeling of pure joy and emotion and it was just so AWESOME!!!! She is such a nice and lovely person! My dream of meeting Trish Stratus had finally come true and it felt AMAZING! I can't wait to meet her again! She is so beautiful, looks and personality wise! She was just phenomenal!

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