Official WrestleMania 22 Preview: Trish vs Mickie

By Brian Lusczki     March 20, 2006    

For months, Mickie James claimed to be Trish Stratus’ biggest fan, going so far as to proclaim her love for Trish on several occasions. Thanks to a brutal attack on Saturday Night’s Main Event, it seems the love is gone, and now at WrestleMania 22, James will take on her idol for the Women’s Championship.

Last fall, James made her debut on RAW, helping Trish & Ashley fend off an attack from Victoria. She said she was Trish’s No. 1 fan, and did anything and everything to help Trish succeed, even seemingly sacrificing herself to help Trish win the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday. James even dressed up as Trish for Halloween, complete with replica Women’s Championship.

Shortly before Christmas, Mickie decided to profess her love for Trish in the locker room. The two were standing underneath mistletoe, and Mickie tried to kiss Trish; the Women’s Champion seemed flustered and walked away, leaving Mickie confused. Mickie apologized, but for the first time it seemed there was something more to their relationship, at least in Mickie’s mind.

At New Year’s Revolution, Trish defeated Mickie to retain the Women’s Championship, but Mickie seemed happy just to have the opportunity to be in the ring with Trish. From there, her behavior became continually more aggressive until Trish had enough.

On the March 6 edition of RAW, Trish told Mickie that they needed to spend some time apart, because her behavior was too much to take. Mickie seemed crushed but agreed to Trish’s request. The next week, an attack on Torrie left Trish without a partner for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Mickie volunteered to fill in, saying she would respect Trish’s wishes to go their separate ways after the match.

Trish agreed, and when Saturday Night’s Main Event rolled around, the two were victorious over Candice & Victoria. After the match, Mickie wanted to say goodbye to Trish the proper way, and leaned in to try to kiss the Women’s Champion. After Trish pulled away, a crestfallen Mickie nailed her idol with a Mick Kick and laid her out with her own version of Stratusfaction. Later on Unlimited, Mickie said she dedicated her life to Trish, but not once did Trish appreciate her. Mickie said Trish broke her heart, and now she would break Trish.

The following Monday on RAW, Mickie claimed to have a gift for Trish. As Trish came down to claim it, Mickie revealed a bound and gagged Ashley as the surprise. An angered Trish quickly attacked Mickie, but as the Women's Champion stopped to help her abducted friend, Mickie attacked from behind, leaving Trish laying in the ring after a vicious Tornado DDT.

On the final RAW before WrestleMania, Mickie had one last message for Trish. Prior to her match with Torrie against Candice & Victoria, Trish saw the message on a television monitor. Sitting in a room filled with pictures of Trish, Mickie told the Women's Champion that while she used to be Trish's No. 1 Fan, her new obsession was Trish's demise. She then tore up a picture to emphasize her point. Trish shook off the disturbing footage to still pick up a tag team win with Torrie.

So at WrestleMania 22, Mickie will get her chance to take the one thing Trish values most, the Women's Championship. Can she topple the most decorated Women’s Champion in history and walk out with the gold, or will Trish put Mickie in her place once and for all? Find out on April 2.


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