Poll: Which is the greatest Trish Stratus rivalry?

By TrishStratus.com     March 14, 2019    

On behalf of DK Books and their latest release, WWE Greatest Rivalries, we're asking our Stratuspherians what was Trish's greatest rivalry?  

Her feud with Lita spanned and paralleled her whole career and included such historic feats as being in the Raw main event. Is Trish's now bestie, the Queen of Xtreme, her greatest rival?

Or, is it Mickie James and their feud that arguably bookended the close of the 'Golden Era', the highest peak of the escalation of the women’s division at the time. One of the longest storyline driven rivalries in women’s wrestling history which culminated to a WrestleMania match that is often cited in the top 10 best WrestleMania matches.

You choose!

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The greatest rivalries in the WWE wrestling ring revealed

They grapple at WrestleMania, at SmackDown Live, and Royal Rumble. They battle on RAW, at SummerSlam, and Survivor Series. They clash inside--and outside--the ring. The titanic rivalries of WWE Superstars such as The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks, are a vital part of WWE's edge-of-the-seat appeal. Every member of the WWE Universe will have their favorite-you just have to take sides. Who would you cheer for as they chase the Championship, employing their charisma, signature moves, and the most cutting insults they can think of? And, of course, rivalries in WWE aren't just between individual Superstars-they may be between tag teams, like The Usos and The New Day, or even involve Superstars from one show staging a sudden attack on the Superstars of another!

This book lifts the lid on all the drama behind WWE's greatest rivalries, highlighting the crucial clashes and each side's biggest wins. Discover how each rivalry started-was it simply pursuit of a common goal, or a bitter personality clash? Find out who has hurled the most biting barbs, why enemies suddenly become allies, and how grudge-strewn wars have ended in mutual respect. Armed with key stats and info, you can follow every twist and turn of these epic encounters, embracing many of the most memorable moments in the history of WWE.

Mount Rushmore of Trish's biggest rivals in WWE

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