Niagara Falls Review: The tao of Trish

By Press     May 29, 2018    

Courtesy Niagara Falls Review / By John Law

Trish Stratus chuckles when asked how long she's been appearing at Comic Cons.

Turns out, she's been doing them since before she was Trish Stratus.

In the late '90s, Toronto-born fitness model Patricia Anne Stratigeas was asked by her future brother-in-law, who owned a Toronto comic shop, to help man the booth during one show. Mainly because she looked like a superhero herself.

She was an instant hit, and at her next con she blew up some of her fitness magazine covers and booked her own booth.

"I went to the con and I made a lot of money," she recalls, on the line from Toronto. "So I started booking myself at these conventions. There wasn't many people (at the time) doing the appearance and autograph thing, so I was a big novelty at these things."

Now, of course, Comic Cons are media juggernauts, and iconic former wrestlers such as Stratus are a fixture at them. She'll join fellow WWE Hall of Famer (and frequent opponent) Amy Dumas — a.k.a. Lita — at the Niagara Falls Comic Con June 1 to 3. Appearing together as 'Team Bestie,' they're arguably the most popular female superstars in WWE history.

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