Ottawa Citizen: Trish Stratus heads to Ottawa Comiccon with family in tow

By Press     May 10, 2018    

Courtesy Ottawa Citizen / By Vito Pilieci

There’s a new spark fuelling the fire that drives professional wrestling superstar Trish Stratus.

The seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, who will appear as a celebrity guest at Ottawa Comiccon this weekend, is now a mom to two toddlers — which she considers to be her greatest victories.

While she has proven herself quite capable of battling opponents on TV and entertaining crowds around the world for decades, she has also had significant struggles with infertility, which have marked a whole different kind of fight for the accomplished in-ring performer.

After giving birth to her first child in 2014, the now 41-year-old Stratus said her struggles to get pregnant around 2016 marked a very “dark time” in her life.

“There was so much to take in, you start asking yourself, ‘how did I get here?’ ” she said. “You start to question yourself, ‘should I have not worked so many days on the road?’

Stratus, who also suffered a miscarriage during the ordeal, said the issue is one that is important to talk about because of how many people are affected by infertility issues. She cited statistics that suggest as many as 1 in 6 Canadian couples struggle to get pregnant.

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