Exclusive: One-on-one with Trish's stylist

By TrishStratus.com     April 30, 2018    

We recently introduced you to Madi Styles, the woman behind Trish’s Royal Rumble attire.

Now she reflects back on the other iconic Trish looks you might be familiar with in this exclusive interview with TrishStratus.com.

TS.COM: How would you describe your style?

STYLES: I think the best way to describe my style is "Street Couture". I like to blend high-end fabrics and stream line cuts with a hint of street style. I love fabrics with texture and mixing patterns. I'm never afraid to push the limits with designs. I love clean lines in my designs, I think it creates a more timeless design and also compliments the female body. There's always an underlining superhero look. I think women are superheroes and I love to bring that out in every design I do.

TS.COM: When did you first meet Trish?

STYLES: Trish and I met working on a creative photoshoot. We really hit it off. When we put together the looks for the photoshoot she realized that I was a designer as I had made some of the pieces we used in the shoot. Throughout that shoot we talked about the costumes women were wearing in wrestling and at the time Trish was about to make a come back after an injury. We talked about ideas that she and I had for creating looks that would be more superhero inspired. I went home from that shoot and started designing looks and the rest was history!

TS.COM: What was the first outfit that you designed?

STYLES: The black and pink "Kill Bill" style bodysuit wore when she fought Lita in the main event of Raw. Being a wrestling fan I remember being so excited to see something that I created being on WWE. I still get excited to this day knowing that outfit is on one of her wrestling figures!

TS.COM: First pay-per-view gear?

STYLES: New Year's Revolution 2005. Our idea with that look was another bodysuit that felt a bit like a mechanics suit.

TS.COM: How long does it typically take to create one outfit?

STYLES: It usually takes me about a week to create a piece. I honestly spend the majority of the time creating the idea but once I have the idea the execution and construction is very quick.

TS.COM: If you could design the ultimate Trish Stratus outfit for the last time, what would it be?

STYLES: It would be Wonder Woman meets royalty... something over the top for a grand entrance that would scream this is the best female wrestler of all time! An outfit that reflects all the titles and records that Trish has earned over her career.

Below Madi tells us about some of her favorite looks and the idea behind them

Stephanie McMahon

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