2/10 - 2/12 Houseshow Results

By Brian Lusczki     February 12, 2006    

Tallahassee, FL - Candice Michelle & Victoria defeated Trish & Mickie James, after Mickie accidently hit Trish. Mickie is terrific in terms of her character she potrays. After the match Trish told Mickie to get lost.

Huntsville, AL - Victoria and Candice Michelle beat Trish and Mickie (0:06:38). The crowd was audibly excited to see three of these four…Candice actually worked most of this match. At one point she stepped on Mickie after a slam and did the Go-Daddy-dot-com moves, which everybody saw coming a mile away. Mickie actually blew the match by rushing in to stop Candice’s interference; while Trish was confused (yeah, right) Victoria snuck in and pinned her. After an awkward staring contest, Trish shoved Mickie to the crowd’s overwhelming approval.

results courtesy of wrestlingobserver.com

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