10 Superstars you forgot teamed with Trish

By TrishStratus.com     February 10, 2017    

Trish has competed in her fair share of tag matches. She has teamed with the likes of The Rock, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Lita. However, there are some names that you probably forgot about... or didn't know about!

1. D'Lo Brown (Raw - Jun 17, 2002 vs. Crash & Molly Holly)

If you forgot this team up or didn't know... you better recognize!

2. Spike Dudley (Raw - Aug 12, 2002 vs. Christopher Nowinski & Molly Holly)

Trish tagged with this member of Team 3D. Of note, no tables were used.

3. Maven (Raw - Oct 6, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Arguably the most known winner from Tough Enough. Both were winners on this night.

4. Linda Miles (SmackDown! - Jun 13, 2002 vs. Ivory & Jackie Gayda)

Trish teamed with this Tough Enough winner multiple times who would later became known as Shaniqua.

5. Big Show (Raw - Jul 2, 2001 vs. Jeff Hardy & Lita)

Trish & Big Show joined forces. And the size difference was quite the sight!

6. John Heidenreich (Raw - Nov 3, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Heidenreich, the man who spoke highly of "Little Johnny" was best known for his alignment with Paul Heyman.

7. Matt Hardy (Live Event - Jul 13, 2002 vs. Raven & Molly Holly)

Trish & Matt Hardy teamed up at a live event in Daytona Beach, FL.

8. Hurricane Helms (Raw - Jan 20, 2003 vs. Steven Richards & Victoria)

Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through... with a chance of Stratusfaction!

9. Rey Mysterio (VGAs - Dec 2003 vs. Chris Jericho & Victoria)

Trish & Mysterio took on Victoria & Chris Jericho during SpikeTV's Video Game Awards.

10. Ric Flair (Live Event - Apr 26, 2006 vs. Edge & Lita)

The six-time champion teamed with the sixteen-time champion, "the Nature Boy" during a stop in BrĂ¼ssel, Belgien for WrestleMania's Revenge Tour. Wooooooo!

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