Topps WWE Undisputed returns with all-new Stratus premium cards

By Jon Waldman     July 14, 2016    

In 2015, Topps introduced Undisputed, it's highest premium WWE trading card set, and collectors and Stratuspherians loved it; so much so that the brand has been brought back for 2016.

The 2016 edition arrived on store shelves last week and has already seen huge pickup judging by the number of auctions that have popped up on eBay. Already, a couple of Trish's rarer cards in the set have been uncovered.

For 2016, Trish has two cards. The first is part of the "Divas" subset, which features women from the past, present and future of WWE. Trish's card features the 7-time Women's Champion headed to the ring with clear visual intensity. The second card is an autographed card, personally signed by Trish and features her in one of her more famous posed shots. 

Both the base cards and autographs have several parallel versions, with different colored backgrounds such as purple and gold. There are also printing plate versions, which feature the actual metallic plates used in the printing process of the other cards.

Topps WWE Undisputed 2016 is available now at hobby shops across the globe and online with preferred retailers.

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