Happy Birthday Barbie! Take a peek at Trish's collection

By TrishStratus.com     March 9, 2016    

Trish visits Barbie headquarters in 2011.

March 9th is National Barbie Day, so we decided to celebrate the world's best known doll by digging into Trish Stratus' Barbie collection.

Trish Stratus has a Barbie collection? Yes, she does! For those of you that didn't know this popular 'what don't fans know about you' fact, Trish has an extensive collection of Barbies that includes iconic pop culture figures like Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy to a number of dolls designed by Bob Mackie, who arguably started the Barbie collectible craze in the 90s. His collection of designed Barbies are some of the most sought after and are valued between $500 - $1000.

MUST-SEE: Trish walks runway as Barbie ┬╗

Trish started collecting in 1994 when her aunt gave her a set of Barbie Collectibles dolls as a gift for graduating high school and being accepted into University. She began with three Barbies from the elegant and popular Classique Collection, which featured a number of ultra glamorous dolls from Mattel's top designers and she grew her collection from there.

Ron, Trish's then boyfriend (now husband) was an avid collector of mostly sports items and Trish began collecting while they attended various collectible conventions. "Ron was having all the fun, so I wanted a piece of the hunt and acquire game!" Recalls Trish, "I remember it getting overwhelming at one point trying to complete sets and tracking down (and paying!) for that last one. Then I decided I was just going to collect the ones that I loved, ones that resonated with me. That brought the fun back into it."

After Mattel took over designing WWE action figures, Trish had a dream come true when she was invited to tour Mattel's Barbie factory in 2011.

Mattel's first-ever Trish action figure ┬╗

We take a look now at a few of Trish's Barbie Collectibles® dolls.

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