Bidding farewell to the birthplace of Stratusfaction

By     April 29, 2015    

The home of the New York Islanders is no more.

After a game 7 loss to the Washington Capitals on Monday night, the Nassau Coliseum has seen its last hockey days as the team heads to Brooklyn, NY starting next season while developers plan to renovate the arena.

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Opened in 1972, The Coliseum has seen its share of big events, such as WrestleMania 2. However, our favorite memory will be knowing it is also the home of Trish Stratus’ debut in WWE.

Trish walked on stage twice during the March 19, 2000 edition of Sunday Night Heat and make an instant impression with Long Islanders and WWE Universe.

"I feel honored that I got to have my own special moment in a building that held so much history," Trish said.

Since then she has performed several times at The Coliseum leaving those in attendance stratusfied.

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