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01/22/2006, 04:30 PM

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Fan Encounter from Fat Tony's Pizzeria

By Brian Lusczki
On Friday, Megan (from last week) met Trish again this weekend; this time at Victoria's Pizzeria: Fat Tony's. She was kind enough to send in her encounter & photos. Thanks Amanda!

I went to Victoria's Pizza Place last night to meet them cause they were promoting that Victoria, Candice and Chavo Guerrero were going to be there. I live in Ohio and me and my friends drove down to KY to meet them. We weren't sure if it was going to be just those 3 or if more were going to be there. We were sitting there waiting for people to come and first in comes, Mickie James and Maria! Maria is really really pretty in person! Then a few minutes later, Candice, Victoria and Chavo came in. I was kinda sad because I was really hoping that Trish would be there. A few minutes later in she came! I was SO excited to see her again! She was talking to some of the fans that were in line and she looked over at me. I was standing where she could see me and she came right over to me and gave me a hug right away and she asked me how I was and i asked her how she was. We talked for a little while before she went over to the tables where they all were signing at. Me, my sister and my cousin went to get into the line to meet them and stuff. There was a little boy in a wheel chair and Victoria and Trish went over to him. They were talking to him and getting pics with him. It was very sweet of them. Mickie was looking at him and smiling.

We waited for 10 minutes and it was finally our turn to meet them. Mickie was first, she was quiet, but nice. I didn't really talk to her. Next was Maria, I go up to her and she was like, "Hi! How are you?" I said hi and that I was fine and I asked how she was. I gave her my poster of her to sign and she signed it. She asked me if I wanted her to personalize it for me and I told her no, that's ok. Next: Victoria! I gave her a copy of a picture of me and her from when I met her in 2004 at a signing and she was like, "Can I keep it? and I said yea! She smiled and said Thank you. She remembered what signing it was from and said, "Wasn't this from the Harley Davidson thing?" and I said yes. I gave her my promo I wanted signed. We said our hi's and how are you's. As Victoria was signing my promo, Maria asked me if the figure I was holding was Trish and I said yea and showed it to her. Victoria was looking at it too, so I showed it to her, too. LOL. I said to her, "That was when she pushed you down! That was mean!" and she started laughing and said "Yea! You should tell that to Trish!" I laughed and said yea. I asked her if I could get a picture with her and she said, "Yea! Come on around!" so I did and Maria and Candice posed for the pic too, lol. I told her thanks for the picture and she said no problem! I didn't really talk to Candice cause the whole thing was kinda rushed.

Chavo's turn! I gave him a trading card I had of Eddie (RIP) and he asked me if it was for him and I said yea. He said, "Thank you SO much!" I said no problem. He asked me what my name was and I told him. Trish was sitting next to him and she says to him, "This is my girl, Amanda! We hang out on the weekends!" I started laughing and went to talk to Trish. I gave her a picture from a show that my friend took and she goes, "Where do you get these pictures from?" and I told her that my friends take them and they give me them. Before she signed it, she asked me, "To Amanda, again?" and I said yes, please. She said ok and signed it. I gave her the figure to sign and before she did so, she asked me how I knew she was going to be there and I told her I didn't, I just hoped she was going to be there. She just smiled at me and signed my figure box to me, again! I gave her another gift and she smiled. Inside the bag was 2 pics of me and her from last friday when I met her, a thank you letter and a Wonder Woman Logo T-shirt. She took out the 2 pictures first and says, "Are these from last weekend?" and I said yea, and she said cool. She looked at the letter, but didn't read it. She pulled out the Wonder Woman shirt and held it up to her. I told her I got her a small, because I didn't know what size she wore and she said, "It's ok! I think I can squeeze it all in!" I started laughing, the girl is funny, lol. She said thank you for the stuff and stood up and gave me a hug. I told her it was no problem. She sat back down and I told her thanks for the autographs and she said no problem and we said goodbye to each other. An Hour and A Half Later:

Trish was walking to the door to leave and she was talking to some of the fans. I wanted to get a picture of us hugging, so I called her name and she turned around and smiled and came over to me. I asked her if I could get a picture of us hugging and she said, "Sure! Do we act like we are emotional?' and I said yea and she said ok. So we took one, but it didn't come out, so we took another one and it didn't come out right,either. My mom was showing Trish and she was like, "I can't see that! I'm blind!" and we started laughing, so we did it again. Me and Trish were standing there just in a hugging pose and Trish was just giggling! It was funny! We finally got one that looked right! The security guard was rude, he was like, "Hurry up! She has to go!" She wouldn't leave until she knew that it came out the right way. I told her thanks and she said no problem and we said goodbye to each other.

Overall, it was an awesome experience! All the divas are very beautiful in person. All the divas that were at the show came, except for Lita. Trish is the best, EVER! No one can compare!


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