5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Sculpt

By TrishStratus.com     February 24, 2015    

Here's 5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Sculpt, the third DVD in Trish Stratus' line of fitness DVDs.

Trish has designed 5 different strength training circuits that will give your body a new challenge each round

Get a full body workout in 30 minutes as each circuit targets every single muscle group

Followers of Stratus' workouts will recognize her signature workout moves

Designed for all levels

You can follow Trish or Stephen for an intermediate level and Rayna demonstrates beginner variations.

Cool down

A unique Stratusphere Yoga sequence will leave you energized yet relaxed as Trish's soothing voice brings you to the final pose she calls 'chillaxana'.

5 reasons why you'll love Stratusphere Yoga

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