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01/16/2006, 02:23 PM

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Fan Encounter From Dayton International Airport #2

By Brian Lusczki
Amanda was also fortunate to meet Trish at the Dayton International Airport and sent in her encounter & photos. Thanks Amanda!

Edge came and then Trish did, so they were there at the same time. Who was I gonna pick to meet, Edge or Trish? Definitely Trish! When I saw her, I just froze! I couldn't move,lol! But I pulled myself together and went over to her. My mom asked me if I had Trish's gifts for her, which I left by this thing. Trish was about to sign and talk to me and stuff, so I told her that i'd be right back. She said ok and I went to get it really quick.

I came back and she was signing and taking pics with other fans. I wait for a little while until she's done with them. She turns to me and I gave her, the gifts I got for her, now this bag I had the stuff in for her was heavy, so anyways, she takes the bag and goes, "OMG! What did you get me!?" I started laughing. I could see she was surprised to get something from a fan. She goes, "Can I look in it right now?" and I said yea, so she sets the bag down on the ground and bends down and starts looking in the bag and pulls out a Trading Spaces Episode Guide from Season One (She loves Trading Spaces), she stands up with the book in her hands and goes, "How did you know I loved this show?" and I told her I heard her say she loves interior designing on her dvd. She says, "This is really good! You know your watching the show and you see a tip you like and when you want to do it, you can't remember! That's really cool!" She puts the book back into the bag and takes out a Toronto Maple Leafs CD holder with 2 cds in it that I made for her. She goes, "I needed one of these!" She gives me a hug. She put the holder back into the bag, so she pulls out a Toronto Maple Leafs paper pad and looks at me and smiles. She puts it back in and pulls out and looks at a Canada McDonald's Bear. She says, "How do you know I liked this stuff?" It's like she was surprised that I knew what she liked.She puts it back in the bag and puts it by her luggage and says, "You're so sweet!" She gives me another hug and says Thank you!

My mom told her that me and my 2 friends stood outside the arena to get tickets for the show at 4 am in 30 degree weather and that we ended up getting we got 9 rows back on the floor where the wrestlers come out at, because the tickets went on sale the day before. Trish was like, "Oh my goodness! What happened?" I told her that they had an internet pre-sale and she was like, "Oh!"

Then, I then had her sign my stuff, which was the cover of her DVD, an 8x10 picture and the cover of the Divas 2002 magazine. We posed for a few pictures together and I told her I had something else for her to sign and said ok and it was a wrestling figure of her, the one where she was wearing the pink and black jumpsuit, she wore it when she lost her title to Lita. She asked me if I was going to the show later that night and I told her yea. She asked me where I was sitting and I tried to explain it to her, so she asked me if I made her a sign and said yea. My cousin explained to her what it looked like and she said ok and that she was going to look for me! We were talking and stuff for over a good 10-15 minutes, lol. Other fans were getting mad, but I didn't care because Trish was the main person I wanted to meet. She's been my idol for awhile. I told her thank you for the autographed promo she had sent me in the mail a few months earlier and she said, "No problem! It was my pleasure!" I told her it made my day and she said that was good to hear. She gave me another hug and said thanks for the gifts. I told her thanks for the autographs and she smiled at me. I let her go, so she could sign for other fans.

I went and put my stuff in my bag that I had with me. I remembered that I had a candid picture from a show that I wanted her to sign and got it out of my photo book, I took the book with me cause I wanted to show her the past time I met her, so I got in the little line and when it was my turn, I asked her if it was ok, if I could have her sign something else for me and she said sure! I let her sign the picture on my book, for support. I told her that she was my favorite diva and she said thank you! She finishes signing it and I opened the book and turned it to the page that had the picture and showed her. She looked at it and said she recognized it and asked me what my last name was and I told her. She asked me if I sent her a copy of it to her in the mail and I said yea. She smiled and said ok.

Then we said our goodbyes, she said thanks for the gifts and hugged me, I thanked her for all the autographs and she said no problem. I shook her hand and she smiled at me and grabbed her luggage and the bag containing her gifts from me. She went and signed some more autos and took pics with people. I was shaking so bad, I almost cried. I was so overwhelmed! I couldn't stop smiling and shaking! I was shaking for 10 minutes! It was the best experience I've ever had with a wrestler! Everytime she was about to sign something for me she would always ask, "To Amanda?" and I said yes, please everytime she asked. She is just so genuine and sweet!

When Trish's Music came out, I had the aisle seat. Trish came out and went to the opposite side of the aisle to touch people's hands. She was looking for me! She turned around and saw me and came right up to me and smiled and gave me a HUGE hug right in front of everyone! She told me that she was SO happy she found me! She continued on her way to the ring and I started shaking and crying! I couldn't believe she gave me a hug and kept her word saying she was gonna look for me. Unfortunately, none of my friends got a picture of her hugging me. :cry: But, I still got the hug from my idol! All my friends thought it was really cool that she did that. People were looking at me and asked me questions, lol. It was really really amazing! I can't wait to meet her again! She is and will ALWAYS be my favorite diva, no matter what! Say what you want about her, but she is the sweetest chick I've ever met! She definitely deserves to be where she is right now.


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