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HomeNews Miami Herald: Baby, business keep WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus booming
05/06/2014, 02:16 AM

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Miami Herald: Baby, business keep WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus booming

By Press
Courtesy Miami Herald / By Scott Fishman

Trish Stratus is a seven-time WWE women’s champion, Hall of Fame inductee, entrepreneur, actress, spokesperson, charity ambassador and television host. On Sept. 30, 2013 the consummate businesswomen added a lifelong job title.


Despite having her first child Maximus, the Canadian beauty remains as busy as ever.

“Motherhood has changed my life in huge ways,” she said during an appearance at WrestleMania XXX’s Axxess in New Orleans. “I have an extra amount of bustling love for someone. It’s been amazing. I think about three months in I like to say Max became a human being, not just this like baby burrito thing. He looks at you and smiles at you.”

Stratus has managed to weave him into her every day schedule. Mother and son have become inseparable. The fitness and health guru behind the Stratusphere Yoga and studio brings him to meetings, where she says her partners love him.

“He’s a great baby, very calm and everything,” Stratus said. “Even when I workout, he goes in the exercise room. I just shot my first post-baby cover for ‘Sweat Equity,’ and he’s on the cover with me. So I just do what I do before, but now he is integrated into my daily life. I think that’s the best way. Some people think life stops when you become a momma. It doesn’t. You continue to do what you love to do, and he’s with me. So it’s great.”

Stratus may have retired from being a full-time member of the WWE roster, but she still makes appearances every now and then. Her latest was WrestleMania weekend where the “Diva of the Decade” inducted her greatest rival, best friend and Max’s godmother Lita (Amy Dumas) into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“To induct Amy was fantastic,” Stratus said. “She so deserves it. It was like one of those nights where we were like, ‘You know what? We are going to have fun tonight.’ There was no stress. There was no pressure of what was going to happen out there. We’re friends and went out there and had the vibe. It was really natural and fun.”

Being in New Orleans for the weekend of events gave her a chance to see WWE’s current crop of female talent firsthand. Since Stratus last competed, new divas such as Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Naomi and Emma have come on the scene.

“I haven’t met Emma [at the point when this interview occurred],” she said. “If you look at my Twitter, I know we’ve met before actually. She put a picture up when we were on tour in Australia or something. I have seen her. I think its cool there is this picture with me and her. I have not met her since then. I think that would be great to meet her.

“She is doing a great job. She is super cute. I’ve met the new girls. I was talking to some of the ‘Total Divas’ and what a great opportunity they have to show that we are strong, sexy and powerful women. They are doing a great job.”

For Stratus, women’s wrestling today in WWE is quite different than when she was earning a name for herself. During her tenure, she headlined shows, battled opponents in hardcore matches and was one of few divas to have a DVD dedicated to her career.

“We represented things different,” Stratus said. “…We were kind of there to work. That was our mantra. We wanted you to look at us for our work, not necessarily what we are wearing. I think the diva’s division, and this might be cliché because I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but all they need is a bit more character development.

“We don’t get to know them, so when they get to the ring unfortunately, nobody cares. There is nothing for us to get behind or motivated or excited about character-wise and storyline-wise. I think there needs to be a little bit more focus on characters and with more TV time. I need to know these characters.”

As a wrestling fan, Stratus wants the divas to stand out and be unique. There have been some strides made in recent months with the current champion Paige and AJ Lee as personas. However, she wants to see more.

“I need to know why this person is doing that move and why she is doing this move,” Stratus said. “When Jazz and Trish fought in the ring, I knew Jazz was going to do this stuff and Trish was going to do that stuff. So when they got in the ring it came down to how is this all going to work out. It’s like how they do it with the guys. So that’s what’s missing from the girls. They kind of all do the same moves. I think I want everyone to get their loyal move sets and repertoires and keep them separate. Don’t do each other’s moves. It’s wrestling 101. A little bit of that is missing.”


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